Name: Ben Volk

Hometown:Houston, TX

Other than OTF:
I am a lifetime athlete playing all kinds of sports growing up and even played a little college football. After ending my college sport career, I turned my focus to academics and received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University. During college I also received my CPT from NSCA and began personal training. After graduating college, I moved to Florida working as a Product Development Engineer. I have been with Stryker for 4 and half years developing surgical instrumentation and systems for robotic assisted orthopedic surgery for hip and knee replacements.

Although a lifetime athlete, being healthy has not always been easy for me. As a football player, I played offensive line at over 275 pounds. I made the decision to change the way I ate and exercised and have managed to lose almost 100 pounds total. Since then, it has been my goal to help other do the same thing.

How I will motivate you:
If you come to my class you can expect the following:
- I will push beyond what you think you are capable of.
- As a runner or jogger, you will NOT walk at your base pace.
- As a power walker, you will NOT hold onto the hand rails on the treadmill.
- In the weight room you will grab heavier weights or I'll grab them for you.
- There will be hard rock music (along with other "mainstream" music).
- You will get better each and every class.
- I will not accept excuses (unless you're injured).
- If you truly want it, I'll get you to 12 mph.

When I'm not getting in the ORANGE:
I don't exactly have much free time but when I'm not working or working out, I spend as much time as possible with my lovely wife. I love to cook and try different ethnic spices. I'm a big movie fan, especially superhero, sci-fi, Disney, or action.

Guilty Pleasure:
Anthony's Coal Fire Pizza

Name: Amy Sprout
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Other than OTF: I graduated from Loyola University New Orleans in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and am currently pursuing my master's degree in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University. I am a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I have been involved with a variety of sports teams over the years competing in basketball, volleyball, and track throughout my high school years before going on to play basketball for Loyola University from 2008-2012.
How I will motivate you: 
As a coach I will encourage you to challenge self-imposed limits and constantly set new goals for yourself. I expect you to come to class ready to work but also enjoy the chance to detach from hectic life in a positive and upbeat environment. My playlists include a little bit of everything from today's hits to rock to throwback to hip-hop, but whatever it is I assure you that it will be high energy and upbeat! Most importantly, I will hold you accountable for giving your all every time you are in my class to ensure that you never leave a workout feeling like you could have given a little bit more!
When I'm not getting into the ORANGE:  If I am spending time with family and friends, I am happy doing anything and everything! Some of my favorite activities include going to sporting events and being active outdoors.
Guilty Pleasure: almond butter (lots of it!)
Name: Caitlin Eisinger 

Hometown: Cooper City... someplace special. 

Other than OTF: Undergraduate degree from UF; Graduate degree from UCF. Both in Health Sciences. Fitness specialist and program coordinator for Johnson and Johnson's Wellness and Prevention business. 
How I will motivate you: 
I will motivate you with my eccentric and well thought out playlists and my witty yet focused personality. Also, if you run next to me- you better keep up. 

When I'm not in the ORANGE: 
Being a cool mom and running after Zoey and Easton. I also enjoy bike riding and pilates.  
Guilty Pleasures: Wine and Pop Tarts.

Name: Kristen Raschella

Hometown: Bellevue, Washington

Background: Outdoor enthusiast. University of Oregon Bachelor of Science. Besides Fitness and Personal training, I was a professional raft guide instructor. I also worked on Private yachts.

Motivating People: I like to challenge people to push themselves, whether it's adding a little more speed on the treadmill or advanced exercises in the weight room. I like upbeat music of all varieties. Rock and dance music are some of my favorites. I like the music to be felt in the room, ;) lol!

I love taking OTF classes but I also enjoy biking, running and swimming at the beach. You can catch me there every weekend!

Guilty pleasure: I have a sweet tooth, so most baked goods and ice cream. I also love a good glass of cabernet sauvignon.

Name:Megan Phillips Guerrero

Hometown: Pembroke Pines, FL

Background/Other than OTF:
Born and raised in South Florida
Full athletic volleyball scholarship to Warner University in Lake Wales Florida.
Bachelors in Biology and Minor in Mathematical Sciences.
Board Certified Physical Therapist for Donner Physical Therapy
Rock Tape Specialist.
Personal trainer/ Group Fitness
Online Website Design/ Social Media Manger of Saviano Online
OTF Plantation
Owner of Class Act Landscaping

How I Will Motivate You: 
My personal touch on body mechanics and physical therapy background.
My ability to alter exercises for anyone.
Positivity, Laughter, Motivation and Music that will want to make you dance.
You can expect to hear some booty music or a remix with a killer beat in every single class.
Bob Marley will always be with us in our yoga cool down.

Hobbies: adventure races, kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing, paddle boarding, Skiing, Hiking, Golfing, home DIY projects, cooking, eating, traveling.

Guilty Pleasures: Sleeping, Wine and Mexican Food (lets be real.. ALL food)

Name: Barb Volk
Hometown: Plantation, Florida

Background/Other than OTF: 
Graduated from University of Chapel Hill at Chapel Hill with degree in Exercise and Sports Science. 
Masters in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from Florida Atlantic University. I was a collegiate swimmer who got into fitness in college after retiring from swimming. Certified personal trainer through NASM. Personal and group training since 2008. Been with OTF since 2012. 
How I will motivate you: I'll make you work beyond what you thought possible, but will always do it with a SMILE :) and positivity. I am thoroughly passionate about training and about OTF and it will show through my coaching. I'll always keep you motivated through my music and energy as well. 

When I'm not in the ORANGE: I enjoy relaxing on the weekend with my husband. You can often find us doing an adventure race/running race, cooking (and eating!). I also enjoy watching "The Food Network."

Guilty Pleasure: Sushi and Sauvignon blanc 
Name: Silk Manning
Hometown: North Miami Beach, FL
How I will motivate you: My music will help you squeeze out that last rep and hit your best speed on the treadmill. If that doesn't- I will stand over you until you get it!
When I'm not in the ORANGE:  I enjoy watching movies with my wife, reading, or playing Call of Duty on my XBOX. 
Guilty Pleasure: A 3-lb porterhouse, a good bottle of red, home grilled beef ribs. 
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